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Clawgrass Banjo Lessons

One of acoustic music’s truly inspirational instrumental innovators, Mark Johnson brings nearly 40 years of professional experience to his teaching. His unique "Clawgrass" style of banjo music has captivated the imagination of musicians fans and banjo players in particular, the world over, and has raised the bar in old-time styles of banjo to new creative heights.


Mark has been a long-time instructor of all levels of  clawhammer banjo, especially his "Clawgrass" banjo style. He's well-versed in a wide range of three-finger Bluegrass banjo styles, so whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned banjo player, Mark can help you improve your game as well as inspire and spur your creativity. Mark has provided banjo instruction throughout the world in both workshop and face-to-face settings. In response to numerous requests, he now offers one-on-one private banjo lessons online using Skype. 

If you are interested in lessons please contact Mark at (615) 772-8687 

You can Learn Clawgrass banjo online!
Personal lessons with Mark via Skype!

IMPORTANT! Paypal payment must be confirmed at least FOUR HOURS before the scheduled start time of the lesson. Check with Mark if you are unsure whether your payment has been received by his Paypal account.

30 Minute Skype Lesson               60 Minute Skype Lesson

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